Third Times a Charm?

Ok, so here is the blog.  Again.  Somehow I locked myself out after restarting it, so I just dumped it all and started again.


Projects on my bench (with updates to follow):

  1. Arduino Az-El Antenna Rotator
  2. Crossed Yagis 2m & 70cm
  3. Raspberry Pi APRS Mobile Setup
  4. Android/ HT APRS Portable
  5. Pi Zero Weather Station (data to Weather Underground)
  6. 6 Band Fan Dipole

Updates to follow.  SOON!



I have been an Amateur Radio operator since 2001. I enjoy being with my family, writing Arduino sketches, learning LINUX, watching the weather, and building my own shack accessories. In my spare time, I can be found on SSB and PSK31.

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