Permenently installing a SpiderBeam and Pole in my backyard

Rotator, custom mount, and new coax

After my wife and I bought our first house what I really wanted to add to the house, more than anything, was a beam antenna.

The antenna needed to fit my lot, be multi-band, and use a single feed line. Kind of like my Fan Dipole, I wanted to get the most out of what I was putting up.

I considered many options, looked at lots of reviews, and talked to quite a few fellow HAMS before settling on the SpiderBeam. It had all that I was interested in for an antenna. It was multiband, single feedline, good reviews, and the HAMS that I talked to that had SpiderBeams or had QSOs with HAMS that had them and the reviews were always positive.

The SpiderBeam I decided on was the 5 band Heavy Duty model which covers the 20, 17, 15, 12, & 10 meter bands using 3 elements. In doing the research I found a modification that added a 40 meter dipole to the beam, too. The antenna has good forward gain, directionallity, good front to back ratio, and while the side rejection wasn't as good as a 'true' Yagi, the poorer rejection makes up for my lack of beverege antennas. Did I mention that I could get SIX bands on one feedline rated for 1500 watts?

As soon as spring comes, I'm digging a hole for the mount. More to come, soon!