My station is small, but functional. It consists of one HF/ VHF all band radio, one VHF FM radio, power supplies, speakers, and a computer interface.

My Long Haul Equipment

My primary station radio is an ICOM IC-746PRO, an ICOM PS-125 power supply, a SignaLink USB computer interface, and brass morse code key. The antenna for this rig is a fan dipole that I built October 2011 and is attached through a Radio Shack SWR/ Power meter.

The fan dipole has 4 elements cut for segments of 80, 40, 20, and 10 meters and are terminated with a Jetstream 1:1 current balun. I used an MFJ 259 antenna analyzer and I have tuned it to an SWR of better than 1.5:1 at resonance. The bandwidth of each antenna is comparable to a single dipole and the tuner in my 746PRO extends the range of the 40, 20, and 10 to almost the band edges. I have a reasonable match on 15 meters since it's a harmonic of 40 meters.

My Local Ragchewer

My local, rag chewer is a Kenwood TM-281 2 meter FM rig that I bought in late March 2012. It has the stock hand microphone, and is powered by a QJE QJ-PS30SW power supply. My antenna is a homebrew copper cactus that I built myself, about 30' above ground.

Somday, Somehow...

My wish list for inside my shack includes a of desk microphone for both radios, a 70 cm FM radio, a better Code Key, and possible a TNC for Packet Radio. (Does anyone still use packet radio?) Outside I would like to add an AZ/ EL antenna for satellite work (voice and pacsats) and some kind of 6 meter antenna.

Catch me doing these!

I enjoy PSK-31, RTTY, and the occasional contest or two.